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Since 1965 Graziela Preiser has worked as a successful creative director, graphic designer and illustrator. Alongside her work for several lifestyle-magazines she has created and designed a variety of collections, from bedlinen and children’s fashion to stylish crockery. The unique Graziela designs were made internationally famous by press coverage and acclaim, especially through the magazine ‘Brigitte’ which had many popular mail order pieces all designed by her.

By Graziela collection
by Graziela is relaunching Graziela Preiser’s iconic designs which were hugely popular in the 1970’s in Germany.

Co-founded by Graziela and her daughter Nina, the by Graziela label they have reissued the legendary ‘1,2,3 design’ on kids bedding, sleepwear and nursery interior accessories. The 2nd relaunched collection is the 'train design', all soon to be followed by other unique and striking design classics from the German designer.
By Graziela collection
In the Archives section of their site, you can have a chance to pick your favorite past design to relaunch next, they will be drawing a winner every two months so there is a pretty good chance of winning something cool!

By Graziela collection
I could swear I had wallpaper in my room similar to this poster print, although mine was probably some cheap knock off from ames or something! lol at least I know I was kinda hip as a kid then!


  1. Really cool kids patterns, cheerful but not too sweet!

  2. love love love.


    thanks for sharing.

  3. i am really happy that my mother in law still had some original children's bedding from graziela! the train motif-bedding and one with a children's song lyrics are now ours :-)



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