Zoe's 1st Birthday

At this time last year, I had called the doctor saying that I didn't feel very good. The doctor said my symptoms were probably that of the flu and said to just rest.....I told jay to go to work and had my mom come over because my intuition wasn't feeling "flu like"....at about 11:00am I felt worse so I called the doctor again and got the okay to go to the hospital...we packed up, called jay to meet us there and off we went.
11:30am, we arrived and my doctor took one look at me and said, "shes yellow" get her a bed. Turned out I was going into liver failure and preeclampsia. They tried to induce me but after 1 hour with no dilation, they rushed me into an emergency c-section. All I remember was lying on the table with an oxogen mask, not being able to wiggle my feet, hearing the click and clatter of tools and listening for a cry. Although she did not give out a whale, Zoe was born at 4:00pm with eyes wide open and arms and legs flailing! She was only 5 pounds but very alert.
One year later, she is still tiny but very mighty and her glowing personality never ceases to amaze us. What a year, went by so fast, It's hard to believe that she is on the verge of walking and talking already.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little peanut and may this coming year be just as exciting and happy as your first! Mama & Dada love you Zoe!

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  1. Just beautiful - happy birthday Zoe!

  2. what an adorable baby... enjoy parenting! my girls are in their 30's and I can remember the "glow" of being a mom...
    love your blog

  3. Happy birthday to your Zoe! How sweet! It goes by sooo fast doesn't it?

  4. She's so cute! Happy birthday to you and happy wishes to your family! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Zoe! And to you, as parents!

  6. Happy 1st Birthday bonny Zoe hope you has a super duper day

    Emma xxx

  7. Happy Birthday Zoe! What a beautiful little girl!


  8. Happy Birthday to Zoe!! I hope you all had a very nice day!! She's adorable!!

  9. Oh Happy Happy Birthday! She is SOOOO beautiful!

  10. happy birthday to Zoe, she looks adorable



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