IKEA family live

I am so smitten with the new beta site IKEA family live...it's real people with real inspiration from their own homes, with of course using IKEA goodies. I really Love going to IKEA but I get soooo overwhelmed with everything and this gives me another visual on what I could do with certain pieces in certain spaces that I probably would of never thought of on my own. you can also join the IKEA FL flickr group or facebook page and share some of your own inspiration...who knows maybe you'll be on the site!

Here are some style shots that I pulled from the flickr group....


  1. I just discovered this and I'm loving it too. IKEA is such a wealth of great design, but also overwhelming, so it helps to see it used in real homes.

  2. Love IKEA application in an actual house. THANK YOU!

  3. Oooh I like this! I love IKEA for the ideas too. Especially the use of space. Brilliant.

  4. this is great! I agree - it can be overwhelming especially on a busy Saturday and it's so great to see actual spaces!



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