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I'm super excited about this new book coming out from Laurence King called The Pattern Sourcebook : A Century of Surface Design by Drusilla Cole. My eyes were glued wide open from the minute I opened this book. It is a fantastic conglomeration of pattern designs from the past to the present used on all types of surfaces from textiles to ceramics. I especially love how the book is laid out, there is a great flow in the placement of each piece making it interesting to see that say a style made in the 40's looks very close to a style made in 2007, I got to the point where I was covering up the dates and guessing which time period it was done in, lets just say i was happily surprised quite a few times. There are about 350 patterns made within the last 100 years that will just blow your mind. This is truly a recipe book for those who want to know where pattern came from and how it has evolved through the ages. I love love love it!

pattern sourcebook by you.

LK has graciously given me some sample pages to share with you. enjoy!

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  1. The pattern on the cover is incredible - reminds me a little of Rockwell Kent - favorite illustrator inspiration from the days I used to work in scratchboard.

    This is an enticing book. And that little yellow sticker in your photo of the cover - does it say it comes with a CD?

  2. Thanks for the sampling of the Pattern Sourcebook. I like the image combinations. *a

  3. Yes it does come with a CD! I am so glad you like it - it was fun to do!

  4. geez the white blue book cover is so pretty!!



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