28 weeks and counting!

So today i'm celebrating the beginning of my third and final trimester! it feels like it went by faster then i imagined. because i'm not so big yet, i kind of feel like i'm way behind...i'll have to take another belly picture so you can decide. anywho in celebration of my big day, i've decided to post a few favorites i've been bookmarking on etsy lately. I've never really noticed how much cute stuff is out there for baby's these days and now i really have a chance to dive in.

humble bea
super cute T-strap mary jane felt shoes from humble bea.

loulou and oscar
"Lapin de Lune" bunny made by lou lou and oscar.

little alouette
modern nursery maple oval handle waldorf style wood teether from little aloustte.

all the numbers
reversible jumper pinafore by all the numbers.

awsome crochet monkey hat at the cite fuzz shop.


  1. thank you so so much for including me in this swoon worthy list. xoxoxoxoxo amy

  2. Haha, the last photo :) So cute!

  3. baby shopping on etsy is horribly addicting. trust me. i know! but i always get the best compliments on my lola's etsy goodies.

  4. I love that stuffed bunny toy. That baby is just way too cute!

  5. aaahh these are just the cutest ever :)

  6. I love the felt mary janes. You should check out the slippers at Les Indiennes. I did a post today about their bedding and fabrics; I think their bedding works well for kids’ rooms.

  7. all of these are so sweet! congratulations!

  8. Love the monkey hat! Or maybe its the too cute baby modelling it!

  9. Very cute items.

    But, the link for Cite Fuzz Shop takes you to the etsy shop for All The Numbers.

  10. Oh, many, many congratulations to you, enjoy this third trimester and have fun preparing for your baby. Thank you so much for featuring my Lapin de Lune amongst these beautiful items, such an honour.

  11. How beautiful finds!
    I just came across your blog, I'm enjoying every bit here. Just lovely!




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