how to make books

finally a "how to" book worth looking at for book binding. i love the great whimsical illustrations ( by lindsay stadig) in this one. As a bookbinder who is constantly thinking of new ways to bind, I'm always drawing diagrams and steps to bind so i can go back to and maybe tweek and or if i've forgotten something. Each one of my book collections comes with hand drawn illustrations and measurements by me, i feel like it's a secret formula that i need to document.
In this book you'll find similar illustrations and really well written guides for an easy DIY process. ester smith of purgatory pie press gives us the secrets of book binding beautifully revealed! if your inexperienced or even a seasoned binder, this book is worth looking at.


  1. this sounds so great! thanks! i have been thinking of signing up for a bookbinding class, but maybe i will try this first!

  2. I'll have to look for this groovy book :)



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