creative storage

This past weekend Jay and I went on a little field trip to our nearest IKEA (this would be a half our drive) to see what kind of creative storage and organization solutions we could find. of course IKEA is the epitome of creative storage solutions. I was mainly going for my studio, jay was seeking out media storage options. As we walked through the gallery floor no matter which "house section" we were in, we continually thought outside of the box as to what we could do in other rooms of our house with the solutions that were made for a specific "ikea room"...get where i'm goin' with this??
So we were in the kitchen gallery and I see these great Asker storage containers to hang...so i'm thinking instead of planters or silverware, i'll put them in my studio as storage for my pens/pencils/binding tools etc.... what a great idea that was.

so now that i'm super inspired with creative storage i'd like to know kind of creative storage you have come up with or know of. so email the blog with your ideas and images and we'll post ya...in the mean time i'm going to also document my creative storage ideas as i continue to piece back together my studio!!!


  1. I have got some movable drawers that are light, durable and good looking. I have them stacked up on my desk. I find them more convenient compared to fixed drawers under the table. I can easily move them around and they look really smart. I have them in green, blue and red.



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