"for the birds" winter 07

"for the birds" winter 07, originally uploaded by freshlyblended.

They're here! I've been very busy this past week with the ornament swap, house hunting and these beauties, new Modular Paperbacks.
the story behind these has to do with puppy-kitty. Every morning puppy kitty has her breakfast and cleans herself from her overnight romp and then runs up to the kitchen table to wait for the birds to come play at the window feeders. She'll wait anxiously until they fly up to the feeder and then she lets out this petite "bark" before lunging at the window to get them. It actually gets the birds excited to play. I've spent some time watching the way they fly around each other and tease the puppy kitty. it's quite amusing to watch. So this collection is "for the birds"! lol I hope you enjoy them, they are up in my etsy shop. and more photos on my flickr page

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  1. beautiful dear. hope the house hunt went well:)



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