winter paper

Hi i'm back with regular posting goodness. i almost went stur-crazy last week, i almost posted twice but held off for the swappers.
so aside from getting my next line of books out before december holiday shopping hits (ahhh!), I've been obsessing over all the great holiday papergoods...i get a bit paper crazy during this time of the year! so in honour of this crazyness, i'll be doing more posts on great holiday papergoods for the season...and what great way to start it off with our friends at egg press.

not only do they have some fantastic retro style cards this year, but they also launched a line of "sew-it-yourself" stitch kits, they are just too terribly cute!...i think my favorite is "clauss" the raccoon.

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  1. Woohoo for Egg Press! I'm consistently impressed by their work and they helped to foster my appreciation for letterpress goods.



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