Did you ever have those tin tea light candle holders that spun when lit for the holidays? we did, and it was the first thing I would ask my mom to set up when getting the holiday decorations out. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw these modern ones from Swedish home design company, Plutoprodukter. I have not seen these since i was small, i'll definately be looking into these ones more!


  1. these are incredible! i actually never had one as a child and only discovered them a few years ago. but i love these options!

  2. Those are great! I, too, couldn't wait to set ours up each Christmas. I haven't seen one in a very long time. If you discover how to order them, I'll be anxious to hear.

  3. oh yes, my mother has one that belonged to her mother w/ angels on it; i love the clinky/chimey sound it makes.
    these are so nice...

  4. This was my favorite Christmas decoration, too! We must have gone through hundreds of tea lights each year. =]



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