holiday card prototype

holiday card prototype, originally uploaded by freshlyblended.

My plates are on their way to be made and paper is on order. This year my husband and I are going for a more minimal :: Scandinavian look for our holiday cards. They will be my first letterpressing endeavor so wish me luck...i'll post more as the production incurs sometime next week ...notice the theme of "2 turtle doves", this will re-appear in my ornaments this year as well. (not sure if I will have time to make extra to sell, if time permits) This years swap caused a few unexpected issues (thanks to yahoo mail) so I'm behind schedual, I hope I can get back on track this weekend after I've filled myself to the brim with wonderful food!


  1. they are going to be beautiful! good luck with the first round of letterpress!

  2. I really love your card prototype.
    Birds and Scandinavia: two things that I adore!



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