before blogger has it's schedualed outage, i wanted to just announce that i've updated my shop with some familiar items that you might have thought were never going to be seen again! I couldn't help but to extend the modular paperback and matchbook jotter editions.

I only made small chunks of each because i'm begining preparation for my next creative endeavors, so i hope those that were sad from missing the past sales of these, can now have one. In addition and posted by popular demand, You can now purchase a scrap pack and help save homeless animals through my etsy shop! The FB scrap packs proceeds go directly to the SPCA. I'm happy to say that we've raised quite a bit of money to help those who can't help themselves and we want to continue to do so. So have 'craftism" and have fun!


  1. Your books are fantastic! I love flicking through your blog.

    Gracie @graciebellabutterfly.blogspot.com

  2. so delicate and beautiful...and I love the industrial touches, of course!



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