What a whirl wind of a weekend! Taking part in the Second Storie Indie Market. Aside from the pain staking heat, we had a great time. My favorite time was more about meeting all the other 19 vendors, some known just through blogging and others completely new! Shanna and her girls, put together a great set up in a great gallery space and even included finger foods and music!!

I love this photo because I look like I just won the lotto at the same exact time this picture was taken! from left to right is my gals Tara Hogan and Shelly Bronson... and of course my(excited)self!
For today and probubly the next few days i'll be piecing my brain and energy back together so I can get myself in collaboration mode...thats a suprise you'll just have to wait for. For now, I've posted a few more photos I took when I had time to walk and talk, you can see them here.


  1. my lord, was it hot!!! but such fun! thanks so much for being a part of the inaugural event! here's to many more to come!

  2. It looks like a lot of fun was had :) I'll be interviewing Tara soon, which I am looking forward to a lot. The website for the event is really nice looking as well.

  3. OMG!!!! My hair looks so bad from al the humidity and heat in that room. BUT, I love the image of all of us and the event was lovely : )

  4. your table looks great! i look forward to hearing more about the upcoming collaboration.



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