I received some goodies in the mail in the form of books a few days back and I'm finally getting around to sharing them. My title of this post is "inspire" because sometimes we forget that the computer isn't the only place to gain inspiration from.

My first goodie is a fun little "DIY" in a sort of extreme way... The Guerilla Art Kit is based on the way of public art and the freedom of expression. As the political climate in the U.S. climbs it's leaving the people with no say and no expression, leaving us in a system that seems to be dominated by corruption and most of all money. This book is an exercise in creative freedom, showing us that it can be brighter on the other side. It's not necessarily a book to teach you how to visually protest or cause a ruckus ( we all can do that on our own personal time if we wanted to) it's more of a reason to be closer to your own environment in a more peaceful and visual sense. It's finally a book that teaches you the opposite of what a great design can do for a corporate plan. It's something to bring us back to our roots and take a step back to smell the roses.

I had to show you my favorite page because it totally reminds me of when i was in first grade and all the other kids had fun printing their basic shapes they carved into their potato and i was still struggling to carve a cat! oh happy days!

okay my other book is all about "those special little things" that inspire us. Taking Things Seriously is a collaboration of 75 objects that have 75 unexpected signifigance in 75 different peoples lives. It is a must read!

One last book of note would be a silly and brilliant book with an even sillier (is that a word?) but brilliant title, Hand Job: and catalog of type. Typographer, Michael Perry is devoted to his hand drawn work and has put together a great book on the art of handmade type featuring the "Written" works of 55 other typographers and designers making huge strides into the world of hand-drawn type. It's such a site to see, i've must of looked through this book over a dozen times over since i got it.

okay so i'm going to go read now.....


  1. Oh jealousy! That handjob type book is on my "must get" list. It looks amazing. Taking Things Seriously looks great too. Happy reading dear:)

  2. ooooohhhh! inspirational books. can we have too many? thank you for some good recommendations. i'll be on the look-out for them the next time i'm in the bookstore.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations - Taking Things Seriously looks really cool - might have to investigate!



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