going formal

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SInce all of the chaos i've had time to catch up on the things that I didn't have time for in the past month. One of those things was to upload my pictures of our best friends blessing book I did for their wedding. Not only is this a special project for me because of whos getting it, but it's a special project that will launch a custom formal line at FB press this winter. The pictures turned out so well for this book that i'll be using this particular book for the feature book!
I'm sooo excited for the wedding, come October (i'm partial to October cause thats my wedding anniversary) . You know when you meet couples who are just ment to be together? well these two birds are the poster children for that! there is no doubt in my mind that they will have a long happy life together! hurray. There are a ton more pics of the book on my flickr if your curious.


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and have been secretly admiring your work and new ventures. This work is spectacular, keep up the good work, it's really inspiring.


  2. October is THE month to get married!! Eight years this year for us and still going strong.

    The book looks beautiful!!



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