{featured friday} on monday

Do you ever get that feeling when you feel like you said "YES" to too many projects and when you realize that they should all be accomplished around the same time, it's too late to change your mind? well thats happening to me at this very moment, so if you've been wondering why my posts have been few and far in between... need i say more.

so i know it's monday, but i really was upset that i never put aside 5 mins on friday to show you more talented people on my etsy favorites list, so lets all pretend it's last friday and enjoy!

mary ink

boiled art

small stump


cedar seven



  1. I just met Mr. Mary Ink, we were in a group print show together, + what a super enthusiastic person!
    I'm really enjoying your picks.

  2. Oh yeah, I know that one, I just lived through a similarly poor scheduleing month (on my part) but lived to tell about it... good luck, and thanks for more great artists to go look at....



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