angela liguori

It's not so often that i get approached by people who use the age old traditions of book binding and make it work for modern day living. One such soul is Angela Liguori.

Angela was born and raised in Rome, Italy and her foundations were based in fine arts and architecture. After relocating to the US in 1994, shes been all about the continuation of learning, teaching and fine tuning the art of books and methods in innovation design. Shes no residing in the Boston area teaching and working with her highly recognized business, Carta, Inc. which caters to the fine stationary and paper goods industry. You can read about what inspires her and what she does behind the sceens at her blog here.

Angela was kind enough to send some never sceen before images of her work. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration angela!

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  1. I just found her recently too. The last photo you show of the finished book all boud, is So gorgeous it actually makes my mouth water...



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