NSS Tuesday

Sorry for the short time laps for my NSS coverage. I've been feeling under the weather so i took the holiday weekend as a relaxing period, but it's didn't help much...go figure. okay here is todays coverage post:

stacy pancake of pancake & franks, is such a riot! she was a busy little beaver when i got there so i took a stroll around her booth, she lucked out with a great big corner "lot".

here is a close up of all her lovely and whimsical new letterpressed greetings. I adore the childlike structure of her designs, it's so inviting!

Stacy even had some mini accordian books made with here cute warm and fuzzy illustrations and a sweet message inside!

Herman Yu also had a stunning booth filled with color! new cards and calenders everywhere!

the botanicals were simply stunning, they know how to do it right!


  1. Wow, I love Herman Yu's botanical cards, they are beautiful, thanks for sharing! Hope you get better soon.

  2. I went through your slide show to see it all. I enjoyed reading your highlights of the show.



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