NSS Friday

*SIDE NOTE* thanks to Patricia for letting me know that i've been spelling the word "Stationery" wrong for all past commentary of the NSS Show! Please except my deepest apologies to those readers out there who can't stand people like me who didn't get blessed with a good spelling and grammar gene :{

On that note, Lets dive right into our NSS Friday!

Meet MEL LIM! (I did!) She is the mastermind behind JOY

What a talent and fantastic personality mel has. I could of talked and laughed with her all day, but as you could see she was quite a busy little bee! As you will see from this post, i took most opf my shots in her booth because she is #1 in my book ( doesn't mean i like anyone less though). I've been following Mels work since the begining, infact i drew a lot of my inspiration from her drive to become who she is today.

Mel has brought JOY to a few new levels this year. Her work is primarily focused on the nature of paper goods due to her background in interior and wallpaper design...she believes that color is the way to go and boy does she make a good point with that! Although, this year Mel has launched two new lines and one more to come: JOY Child which focuses on baby apparel, JOY Habitat for your home, and coming soon, JOY Made featuring intimates, bags and totes.

I was drooling over her new embroiderd pillow collection!


  1. I used to always forget how to spell stationery until someone said to me, just remember `e' for envelope which is stationery and it stuck after that :)

  2. Hi

    Just discovered your blog from melissahead.com and must say your work is LOVELY!!! I am hoping to break into this area this summer, have just finished a Art and Design course in Nottinghma UK, and am dying to get started producing some work. I hope mine tunrs out half as well as yours

    I'm loving it!!



  3. lol! you didn't have to blog about that. I used to make that mistake too! :)

  4. Oh fb I love this post!! I've never seen her products in real life so this was great to see them in your post in an actual setting. so nice!!



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