one for you and two for me!

i usually don't gloat about materialistic things but i feel this is a special case! today i recieved my brand new Eleanor keds. i had to special order these cause they didn't have my size in the store so i had to wait extra longer to get them.

i had to get a close up of the inside cause thats my favorite part! i also recieved two books that i've been waiting to buy. i usually wait about a month or so after a book launches because you can get a great discount on a new and or used one from amazon or half.com. i guess i just don't see the point of buying a book brand new when as soon as you have it for over a week it's considered used anyways! i prolly shouldn't of said that outloud seen as i work for a publisher!!LoL

i can't wait to finally get the time to sit down and actually read them. On the note of the "By Hand" book, i also wanted to point out that there is great preview of Faythe Levine’s handmade nation: a documentary about the rise of diy, art, craft, and design, now this is going to be a fantastic documentary, i can't wait till it's done!
so enjoy my little gloating post...i really don't usually have the funds to just blow on shoes and great books because of house hunting and making FB happen and a family (husband and puppy-kitty) to take care of...so when i do get that chance i almost feel like a princess!! (yeah, i'm a big dork)


  1. Ooh nice purchases! What's it like to buy soes on the internet - did you have a pretty good idea if they'd fit or not? I'd love to get some of those Keds but worry I'd choose the wrong size!

    I got that By Hand book for Christmas! What do you think of it? There's some great stuff in there but it wasn't quite what I expected - I think I was hoping for more craft than art. The Florence Broadhurst book looks awesome too. I've been meaning to go hire the movie they made about her recently but it's not at my video store :(

  2. Yay! The keds are awesome. Congrats. I always get tons of "those are so cute!" comments when I wear mine. They are so fun.
    Great books too. I have been meaning to pick up the Broadhurst book...one of these days:) Have a lovely time in your sassy shoes with your new reads!

  3. yeah i am curious, i have searched the whole www over for shoes my size (women's five) and would love a pair of the newschool keds...is it possible for me to special order a smaller size than what they offer? i am super happy for you and know new shoes means happy feet!

  4. Love them all. I'm going to look into that book--um, what a perfect formula for a good read: diy, art, craft, and design--Yum! I have a thing for shoes me-self...I have to work extra hard NOT to go into ShoeFly every week :) Zappos is also a great site, but I'd much prefer to give the dollars to our local lady. xoxo

  5. I love your keds! I saw one that mischa barton was wearing, the one that looks like mary-janes with a commando feel, and I like those. But they don't sell keds here, boohoo!

  6. Cute shoes and a great read. Two necessities in life.



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