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I woke up this morning to find only one wallpaper mini left in my etsy shoppe! holy cow! I didn't expect for the "Pre-sale" books to go so fast, especially since I didn't really spread the word about FB that much yet!
Well, knowing that your product does have a fighting chance, makes you feel so great and motivated! On the other hand, there are alot of other roles to take on when your the only one, some can very intimidating like doing the book keeping and making sure you have your finances in control and then there is the role of being your own "shipping team"...can i just tell you how frustraiting it is to try and give a general shipping estimate online and go to the post office only to find that asking one simple question about how to go about your shipping options, turns into a huge confusing mess! Oh and not to mention that on MAY 4th, THE USPS WILL BE GOING UNDER A HUGE RATE CHANGE, so now everything that i've finally figured out is just going to change next week anyways! UGH! so if you use USPS for your shipping/mailing needs, please be sure to go to your local post office and ask them about the upcoming changes because i heard there will be alot!

All in all my experiences have been great, and i shouldn't complain about little problems and frustraitions when they come about because no matter who you are, starting a new buisness is a hard thing to do, but if you have great support like i do (thanks again everyone!) then it definately makes things easier. I'm going to leave with a few tips that i've learned along the way when attempting to make a dream come true!!!

* never ever be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid.

* if people tell you that you'll never make it happen, ignore it and use it as a motivator to do it

* if your in the buisness of buying and selling and you don't know where to start, either talk to people who are in the line of work you want to be in and ask them how they go about it, or if your in good financial standing then you can always hire a book keeper or accountant.

* when your feeling overwhelmed, enlist family and friends to help you and in return either give them a percentage or do something for them as well. and make it fun for them while they help you! (my puppy-kitty does that for me!)

if anyone reading this would like to add a few more tips to the list, leave a comment and i will follow up on this post with your tips! Cheers for a great weekend my friends!


  1. Congratulations! Etsy is most definately good when it works.

  2. congrats, nicole! while i'm not {yet} running a shop selling my wares, freelancing has lots of similarities. i would add to the list, *don't be afraid of failure; it often 'motivates' us by fear and sometimes you end up not even trying. just get out there and do SOMETHING! that's the only way you learn what works and what doesn't. . .think thomas edison! ;) looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Oh, now I am feeling SO lucky that I snapped one of these lovelies up so very quickly... they were ALL so beautiful and unique, and I had such a hard time choosing... mailing rates and USPS nightmares aside, you should be so proud of your babies... can't wait till mine arrives!

  4. I am totally bummed I did not get one of your books, I've been waiting for them to be posted... I do hope you will post some more soon. I am glad that your sales were so good though. Please keep me in mind.

  5. thanks for the tips and the inspiration!

  6. Nicole, it is so inspiring reading your blog. Your work is stunning to say the least...I have always been a fan. I wish you nothing but huge success and monsterous strides!



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