much needed prize...

I was so pleasently suprised to see a parcel from Austrailia from my sweet gal pal lara! It has been a rough two weeks for me at my fulltime job, a close friend will be leaving us to start a new chapter in her life. Even though i am very sad about it, i also see it as possibilities can happen for myself too...it only motivates me more to shoot for my dreams and make a living doing the things i feel most passionate about. I know it's not my time just yet, but i know it's coming soon and with the passion and hard work i put into my work and having a great support system online and off, i will do it. I sometimes just have to sit back and take a breath and remember what i'm thankful for....Lisa, i'm thankful for you being my friend and i wish you all the luck and happiness in the world for your future endeavors, we'll miss you!
So thank you lara for making my day brighter with your beautiful fabric and art, i now will have to go get those chairs from our storage unit and get to work!!!! You are such an inspiration girl!


  1. nana loves you :)

  2. I feel this way too + this post could have easily written this exact same post. I'll spend part of Saturday working on my book covers with Lara's fabric, which is just too too wonderful.

  3. Ok, I should have read my comment before submitting because it makes no sense- I should have said...
    I feel this way too + could have easily written the exact same post.
    Now I must get that second cup of coffee + wake up!

  4. I've been lurking around your blog lately, and i just adore your work! Just wanted to say I'm going through the same thing. My boss and very good friend of mine is leaving our company. We've worked together for 5 years, and she's the best boss I could ever ask for, so I'm really bummed. But I'm trying to focus on the positives. Chin up!



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