nicole savoy

a funny thing happened to me the other day on etsy. i was flipping though to get a feel of what people were doing with their profile/information content for my shoppe and i came across a beautiful piece of jewlery, so i clicked on it...read the profile and..turns out it's the work of jewlery designer, nicole savoy. not only is she a buffalo native but i went to high school with her back in the day! i was so pleasently suprised to have found her. buffalo does have a pretty rich arts community, but it's very hard to find people who post their works online. so i'm super proud to represent by introducing you to the very talented, nicole savoy of metal garden factory!

the interesting thing about nicole is that not only does she have a degree in jewlery design but She also minored in biology which she draws most of her inspiration from. Nicole's designs reflect a curiosity towards the human manipulation of the natural world and the uneasy, yet exciting, integration of biology and technology. i could so see her designs going cuture some day! best of luck to you nicole, let me know when you become famous so i can say "hey i know that girl!!!". if you'd like to take a closer look at nicoles work you can go to her etsy shoppe or at starsandinfinitedarkness.com.


  1. I've always been a sucker for little vessels that contain things in them. I love the coincidences that pop up in this art/design world. Can't wait to check out her stuff. Thanks for the post.



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