diana sudyka

chicago printmaker, diana sudyka is so multi faceted with her work. i was just reading at the uppercase blog and saw this amazing show comming up at the gallery called posteriffic! it's just too bad that i'm so far away from calgary to go see it, but part of why i love this site so much, is that uppercase highlights everyone and everything they show in their space online! yeahy!
anywho, all i can say is just go check out uppercase and then click on all the great printmakers apart of the show and especially go see diana sudykas site because she will just blow you away. i think i love her work so much because she has this very playful estetic to her work, almost like old fashioned childrens book illustrations...those are my favorite kind! beautuful work diana, thank you for inspiring me!
(all images via dianasudyka.com)

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