{happiness} and being under the weather

i've been a bit distant because of the flu..which i'm at the tail end of fighting it off, thank god!! i just had to share the one thing that got me to feel a bit better! the super talented, lara cameron, has been working with me to devise a nice pattern for the freshlyblended site and for the packaging. These are some of the beautiful designs she had emailed my way the other day. i'm so blessed to have such creative, talented and sweet people in my life right now! lara you rock!!! we only have a few finishing touches and tweeks to do and then i'll repost a final for you all to see.


  1. Gorgeous! You and Lara teaming up is a perfect combination. Fabulous patterns, I can't imagine they can get even better than these...but can't wait to see! Hope you are feeling better very soon dear:)

  2. Those are really beautiful. I'm especially in love with the first one.

  3. Those patterns are beautiful! I've spent some time catching up on your posts this morning. Hope your 2007 is full of great things.



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