Crooked Letter Press

while catching up at craftsanity.com this afternoon, i noticed that i missed a great (hour and a half long) podcast of the very talented book artist, ellen knudson of crooked letter press.

she integreates book making with letterpress seamlessly! i am a huge fan of her work. i don't have too much time to chat it up about her (i'm supposed to be doing a photo insert for a book right now!) but you can catch the podcast and a great write up about her at craftsanity and i also suggest you subscribe to the craftsanity podcast on itunes...it's free you know!


  1. i love craft sanity! i listen to it during the day while i am running around shopping (i'm a stylist) and it makes me happy.
    i haven't listened to that episode either. off to download it onto my ipod.

  2. I'm so glad I caught your post. I love to listen to podcasts, especially ones that are relevent to me :) Thanks for the good info!



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