speaking of books...

my blogger posting system is acting funny so i have to post a new one rather then adding on to the previous one...anywho, i needed to post these gorgeous books from Toronto based, little lamb blue....i really want to know where she gets those beautiful patterns from..little lamb, please contact me! thanks to five and a half for posting this great find! you can't just pick one.


  1. oh.. I have a thing for paper and its dangerous! Especially clean, crisp virgin pages... I just adore your work, Nicole, and Little Lamb's,and Judy's. You all are so talented and really create beautiful works of art.

    Ug. Feeling very jealous! (yet very inspired!)
    :) abbie

    LOVE your site by the way! It is a re'fresh'ing view to visit. I get so tired of the same ol' same'ol.

  2. So excited I found your site...a fellow book binder here so I always enjoy seeing the work of others and your site is beautiful!
    It looks like many of little lamb blue's covers are actually made of fabric {I have a few iof the same patterns} beautiful link!

  3. come to think of it...i also think i've seen a few of the paper designs...i am pretty sure they are scrapbooking paper...they come in 12 x 12 sheets. If I find a brand name I'll forward on to you.

  4. I think the paper (the scrapbooking paper I recognize, anyway) is SEI - it looks like their Valentine's paper from earlier this year. I think the name of the collection is "Twitterpated."



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