a big {thank you}

i wanted to take this minute to thank judy from five and a half for the sweet write up about my work. I've been feeling abit out of my creative loop for this past year from getting married last october to moving out and into a temporary space with most of our belongings in storage in order to save for a house, and a nonstop summer of weddings to go to and make books for. i can't even fathum what it's going to be like when it's time to have kids! anyways, what i was meaning to get to is that it's people like judy who keep me feeling like even though i'm not pumping out the amount of personal work that i'd like to right now, i am still creating and people are still apprechiating me and thats what keeps me going. it also keeps me so intriuged with other peoples work as well, like judy and her beautiful books. so thank you judy, and to all you other creatives and dreamers who chose to stop by this blog and apprechiate my life and the things that inspire me.... you are probubly one of those people who inspire me too!

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  1. juyinjlee@gmail.comAugust 28, 2006 11:21 AM

    you're most welcome nicole! you can see the post on nicole's beautiful books here:
    ~ it's so awesome to be able to share work and encouragements with a fellow book designer! thank YOU nicole! ;)



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