sneak peek

so i finished the invitations for the garden party wedding reception for my brother...i'm still not announcing whos ideas i will be using for the party until it's closer, i want to have pictures ready to post...so here is a preview of whats to come. we decided that a good money saving idea was to make the RSVP a postcard and it turned out sooo cute, and also a cute way to share the bride and grooms registrey is as a buisness card so that the person can just put it in their wallet as a quick reminder.
sorry if it's hard to see everything, i will be posting it on my portfolio site when the blessing book is done. (quick tip: if you click on the image in the post you can view it larger)


  1. Oh, I just love these. The invite is so elegant and beautiful. Great idea for the RSVP postcard and registry card. Looks like a perfect little package.

  2. i love them all! i can hear the love birds chirping :P


  3. Beautiful! I love the "they tied the knot" image.

  4. nicole, these look WONDERFUL! great job!
    i did postcard for my rsvp's too and it worked out great.



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