Poor Pitiful Puppy-kitty!

my poor puppy-kitty is anxious to get all her friskies out but she can't because shes afraid of the dogs. I think she is the only one having a hard time in the "transition" home. we had to put up a baby gate in the hallway to our bedroom because of "lumpy" and zeus, my parents two huge yellow labs...they wouldn't hurt a fly but they are just as curious as puppy-kitty and she doesn't like it. i think it's more jelousy then anything because she is used to haveing the run of the house and she still can but within boundaries because if the dogs get into our bedroom they will inhale her food and make them sick. luckily we found this gate that has a tiny door at the bottom just big enough for a cat to get in and out and a door for a human to open and close but nothing for a dog...sorry boys! so now we are frantically awaiting her gate to come in the mail so she can feel more free to roam aound the house...i can't wait to have my own hopme again...some times it takes a sacrafice to fulfill a dream.

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