me as art

here i am at the apple store fooling around with the new macbook, my hopefully future computer come fall. i thought i wouldn't like it but the keys are so much better to type with, i feel like i don't have to put ssooooo much pressure on them like my ibook. i was also afraid that the 13inch screen wasn't goingto be to my liking but i've gotten used to jay's 12 inch powerbook so it's not as bad as it might seem... i was playing around with "photobooth" but blogger won't let me upload anything so i can't show you my picture. i wish i could cause it's as if andy warhol did a screen print of me! love it, i could spend all day making funny pictures of myself in the store...i bet people actually do that!...i'll try to post something more worth your while a bit later...for now, it's time for my "grown up" shopping spree.

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