pencils and rain

tonite my plans to get john and robin's pencils ready for their blessing book, was foiled! i taped up the tops of 40 pencils to be spray painted with gold leafing...i then stratigically placed 40 pencils on the clothes line with clothes pins as you can see below...

as soon as i emptied the first can of paint onto only about 5 pencils, the rain came...you could probably guess what happened from then on...
so now i'm sitting here watching the rain come down as puppy-kitty tries to catch the stray drops that hit the window screen while staring at my computer monitor wishing it wouldn't rain so that i didn't have to revert back to my first project of the summer...the "dreaded" ChopHerS logo, i think i would like it more if i were a "logo" kind of designer but i'm not and i've come to some very confident grips about it! it's just unfortunate that sometimes you have to bite the bullet to get some decent income, which in fact will help me to do the art that i "heart"...speaking of which, here is one of them now....

see, this is what i'm more about! I'm in the works of taping back into my illustrative juices. surprisingly enough, even though i'm a book designer by trade, my roots are very much stemmed from painting and drawing. it wasn't until maybe my senior year of college that i decided to expand my concentration from just illustration to illustration and design! from there i became a book designer, which is a very fun job to have and it does have it's rewards, especially when you can walk into a barnes and nobles and see your designs on a front table or in a special display.
i wasn't until i got married last october, when i realized that i'd like to do more "me" work. so i've been watching myself come back alive with inspiration. and i'm so enjoying meeting people who inspire me, asking questions about their creative processes and finding out what makes their creative clock tick! (as well as my own).
humm...funny how tangents can start from pencils and rain!

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