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i can't write a whole lot right now for i don't even have much time to breathe, but i just had to give a huge (look up!) for all you creative peeps out there who responded thus far with soooooo many awsome ideas. i've showed most of the posts and emails and comments to my mom and she thinks it's soo amazing how nice and giving people can be, ones that you don't even know! and i said to her "wouldn't you do the same if you had the opportunity to share with someone else, your knowledge?" and of course we both agreed that we would most definatley!
so the date is finally set for September 16th so you still have time to share your ideas and insights. The bride also decided on a "Garden Party" theme, which is both my mom and myselves spceialties, me being an illustrator and designer who thrives from natures organics and my mom being a professional gardener (is there a scientific word for that?!) so i can't wait to make up the invitations! and as soon as i get them going i'll be posting the in progress, but for now i have to get their blessing book done for the actual ceremony which is only a few weeks away! eeeakkk..so for now i bid you farwell and thank you from the bottom of my heart again for all your ideas, keep in touch so you can get some great peeks at the final outcome as we go!

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