{priya} love

My girl in NYC {priya} got a very nice shout out from design*sponge this week. She deserves it...what a talent, and a hidden one at that; this girl could of been a doctor but decided to put down her biology books and pick up an . I originally met priya from my friend manshing at UB sophmore year, they were roommates at the time. It wan't until i had a book making class with priya, that i found out we had some similar tastes, her's being a bit more (shall i say) "lux" and mine a bit more "eclectic" but we still seemed to learn from each other to create some awsome handmade books! Priya (little does she know) was the one who opened my eyes to beautiful typography treatments and clever design, oh and don't let me forget modern interior design....i think thats another one of her obsessions! She is truly one who i will continue to look up to her and keep her close to my {creative} heart!....good show priya, good show!

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