"moving" on......

It's been crazy in cole's world lately. my husband, jay and myself came to find out last weekend that my (who we thought was nice) landlord wants to up our rent by $100.00. We think he's spiteful because we decided not to buy the house next door (also his). It really erks me that you spend your life being nice or just trying to co-exist with people and the people you feel you have done no wrong to turn on you...i think i will call it the "jeckle & hyde complex". So now we have to move and i'm sad because i love our house and the little hidden nook we live in off Hertal Ave. But like my dad said to me the other day; "this could be a blessing in disguise" so i'm hoping this is true!

So while i'm in the move...i mean mood~! i've been looking around online, pretending how i'd want to decorate my OWN house one day and i came across three sheets 2 the wind through (of course) design*sponge. Run by designer, Jenny Sauer, three sheets 2 the wind is a boutique design company featuring every single one of my most favorite colors on earth...oh and a beautifly hand crafted aray of modern home accents. you can find these lovely organic illustrations on pillows, bags, and hand stretched canvases...and the prices aren't to shabby either. my list of inspiration is growing fiercley! and my spelling still sucks....

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