puppy~kitty found out what a fish really looks like and is now hypnotized by it, infact so much that the fish is now living high up on top of the fireplace mantle. I had to take a picture (or some) of her because it was a juxtoposition of myself and how when i get the "fascination bug" i just don't ever want to let that thing i am bewitched with, go. It makes me think that my fascinations act like a kickstart to my creativity.
on a different note, i am slowly learning how to get my new website up and running, and please emphasize the word SLOW! here is a little "tid-bit" that you should probubly know about myself....when i was in i think about 5th grade, my parents realized that i was learning at a slower pace then most of the kids and i had problems retaining numbers and words in my head. BUT, when it came to pictures, and puzzles i was above average then most kids my age. SO i became this "special" kid who blew people away with my artistic (visually) talents but struggled with most academics. It then came time for me to think about college and was told by my high school guidence counselor that i wouldn't even get into college because of my "lack of academic intelligence"....i got into college and infact i got in with an art scholarship....BO-YA! anywho...i have accomplished many things that i was told i could never understand and now even though i still can't spell for the life of me and never can fully remember my times tables, i tell myself everyday that if i research it, then i can figure out how to do it....which brings me to the whole point of this paragraph: MY WEBSITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION BECAUSE I'M TRYING TO TEACH MYSELF HOW TO DO IT! so i will be putting up some kind of link from my site to this blog so at least what i'm doing now is available for your viewing pleasure.....and if your feeling playful, then you can count all the typois in theis blog and email it to me!!

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