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I've been pretty proud of myself this past year, i've been eager to learn more about my industry on a more commercial basis; pretty far from where i've started which was strictly pencil on paper illustration...these days i've grown tramendusly on a digital aspect. I've learned to embrace digital illustration and have taught myself how to incorporate it into my art personally and professionally, for instance....this illustration of underwear! here...all done in Illustrator...a year ago, i would never havce the balls to do this and would of taken the easy way out and have just drawn it! Even though this never made it onto the book cover i designed it for, it's become a proud representation of some abilities i've never known i had! who would of thouht underwear could be so inspiring!!!!

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  1. Wow how'd you make those undies!??! I need to learn illustrator. Damn!



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