hidden treasures

i can't stop web surfing for cool stuff. it really is a great technology to have when your so shelterd like myself so i went to priya's site and found she did another update and gave me linkage to all sorts of goodies. i'm one of those people who feed's off of cool design, sweet, girly design...it has to be PRETTY! and priya is the same way so i always get super excited when she posts an update to her blog cause she finds the best stuff online like oh joy. for me as a creative person, i feed off of anything visually apealing...it truly is a great gift to have but it's a hard one to try and control. like for instance, our last launch (new books) session just ended last week so this week at work i've been just bumpin around on the web, and trying to get my resume up to par and basically taking full advantage of all the time i gave myself for haulin ass this session. i've been feeding my brain so much with new ideas that i'm kind of stuck as to what i do, and whats so special about the things i make, in fact it is kind of making me feel alittle lost in my own shoes creativly. It's very scary to me because out of everything about my life i have always been top notch (without seeming like i have a big head) when it came to being creative visually. On the other hand i could just be talking myself into thinking that i'm really a nobody compared to all this fresh greatness out there because i've been kind of putting my energies into "refreshing" myself in other creative outlets with other mediums so i should just keep searching for my hidden treasures right now and maybe i'll find that special idea that will spark a whole new personal stratagy! thanks to elka, i've been very open to experimentation!

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