cardboard cat houses

Check out Boutique Cascades fantastic and very stylish cardboard cat houses made by two young  industrial designers at loyal lux. Unfortunately I couldn't get puppy-kitty into the teepee at our house but we got my friends cat, Stosh in the canadian chalet and he loved it! He's a big boy but there was plenty of room for him to get cozy.

here is what puppy-kitty would of looked like in the teepee had she been a little bit braver!

I just had to embed this totally cute kitty video for you!

also for a short time Freshlyblended will give the first 10 customers a 25% discount on your very own teepee. just use this code at check out: FRESHLYB. it ends september 30th so hurry up!


  1. I haven’t pets at home, but at times like this I repent!

  2. Loving the kitty tipi... think ours would so go into this but they'd prob end up scrapping over it!

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  4. haha, love it! Those kittens are so adorable. It makes me want to get a cat again...until I start thinking about having to clean the litter box.



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