book reviews

I have two great books to share with you today. Each are very different but both are esthetically pleasing. About a Village is a photographic study by acclaimed fashion photographer Eamonn J. McCabe of a real English village called Firle. This photo journal is packed with amazing real life experiences made in this quiet little place, it really makes you want to drop everything and seek out a much more simpler lifestyle with loads of color and quirkiness. 

I love artist Nigel Peake and I'm very ecstatic that he now has a compendium of some of his beautiful works called In the Wilds. His watercolors and line drawings take on such an organic feel and to have them in a book all together is wonderful to flip through. This book is a personal diary of Nigel's relationship with the land around him, breaking it down one layer at a time. This is definitely one that will stay out on the coffee table.


  1. The both look interesting and so different from each other in style.

  2. Wow, Nigel Peakes work is beautiful and I can't believe I haven't seen any of it before. Thanks for posting- :). Enjoying reading your blog to- have just found you through lottie loves blogs daily reads :)



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