a little family fun...

We have had a busy two weeks in the Lecht household. First we welcomed our newest member to the family ( no not another baby!) it's abby a 7 year old Weimaraner whom we rescued from the SPCA. for years I've admired this breed and always said that some day I would have my own and that day has popped up out of the blue! She is a good girl and a great addition! can you find her in the picture?

right after Abby arrived we celebrated Easter. It was great that Zoe could appreciate the fun this year. Being only 2 she didn't understand the whole concept of the "easter bunny" but she loved the idea of getting a basket!

even though it was far from a warm sunny day, we still dressed up and blew bubbles inside...

This week we celebrated Z's 2nd birthday, family came in from New York and Pittsburgh and we had a nice little shin ding complete with a "yo gabba gabba" cake and New York style bagels.


  1. Congrats on your new fur-baby. Rescues are the best!

  2. Abby is beautiful. And so is Zoe, getting so big now!

  3. Always nice to read when someone rescues an animal from a shelter :) Abby looks beautiful and seems to have already made herself quite at home!

  4. They both look cute... I can't find the dog! lol

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  7. I love weimaraners, they are so beautiful. I always think of them as the super models of the dog world.



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