Pre-swap news

Hello to all those giddy ornament swappers out there! Just a little note today to let you know that YES, the swap is back for it's 5th year! Fb will be launching swap sign-ups on NOVEMBER 1st and will be open only until NOVEMBER 8th (it's a one week window) We will be using the swap bot website again this year so go on over and set up an account with them if you haven't already or make sure your account still exists from last year if you haven't been there since then. stay tuned for full sign up details on NOVEMBER 1st.


  1. I really wish the swap set up could go back to the way it was in the beginning, where the group you sent to is the same group sending to you.... is this an option in swap bot?

  2. I agree. I also think the ornaments aren't as carefully crafted since swap bot started. It doesn't feel like a special group of craft lovers, mostly just whoever sees the posting on Swapbot

  3. Oh, that is very good news. You've been doing a great job, keep it up. And special thanks for organizing this swap again.



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