COVERED :: redesign of Carl Jung series

For the longest time, I've been trying to find a way to emirs my title as a book cover designer into FB, It's been difficult because a lot of what inspires me on FB isn't directly influenced by what I do behind the scenes...I could call it the "other life".... I am a book cover designer by trade but my personal style dives into places that the publishing world knows little about so I always find that there is a separation between the two and i'd like to attempt to bring them together.
I'd like to start a weekly series that pays homage to beautiful book cover designs. "COVERED" will dive into the publishing design world and give you a taste of some really great design processes that are over looked very often for whats inside rather then whats on the cover. Hopefully as this series progresses I can also share with you little tidbits of my experiences as a cover designer and what it is we actually design.
for starters here is a quick look at an intelligent redesign by Kathleen Lynch for Princeton University Press. The Redesign is of their Carl Jung backlist as a series, starting with 5 titles. The artwork is a series of paintings reproduced in The Archetypes & The Collective Unconscious.



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