welcome back...


Hello folks, It's good to be back! I had a lovely "staycation" just hanging out with family and doing some much needed work on our little homestead. Now I find myself back behind the computer screen with a blank mind! time to get back in the flow and exploring all of the wonderful things I've missed the past two weeks! It's nice to get away but it stinks when you haven't  been able to keep up with all the goings on around blogville!

I do however have a tiny treat to show you...I got some raw shots of my newest project back while I was away and I thought I'd just throw out a small teaser to give you a little taste of what will soon to be launched. I'm very excited about this project, It's a new realm for me where I get to tap back into my illustrative side and work along side some really talented peeps! Thats all I can tell you for now but you'll find out soon! I promise.

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  1. Thanks for the little preview! I am intrigued to see what exactly the first pic is as I cant work it out but I guess thats why its a teaser...i look forward to seeing more :)



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