Land Carpet

Saw this on Notcot today and was totally impressed by the idea! Florian Pucher designer of Landcarpet, winner of EDIDA 2009 for best floor covering. It's a series of area rugs made from 100% New Zealand wool, inspired by nature and farmed landscapes showing the world from straight above, as we usually see it only out of the window of a plane.

Land Carpet :: netherlands

Land Carpet :: africa

Land Carpet :: europe

Land Carpet :: USA


  1. Sweet! I love the Europe carpet with the farm animals.

  2. Whaooouuu, brilliant. To my mind Europe is the Greatest one.

  3. amazing idea and even more amazing work!

  4. wow that brings back memories! My father got a rug years ago that remind me of these.!! A guy he knew made it from scraps of different rugs. At the time I did not like it much. It had different heights to it.

  5. So, so cool. My husband is now convinced that this is exactly what we need for our living room. Are they even for sale?

  6. How clever. Europe would look great in my living room.

  7. brilliant, so brilliant! love them all.

  8. I love this idea! Europe and Africa are my favorites!

  9. this is ridiculously cool.

  10. Beautiful! These remind me of very similar rugs by Liz Eeuwes that I wrote about a few months ago.

  11. Hey Land Carpets color are very beautiful. really i am totally impressed by the idea!!!!! thanks for sharing this advice!!!

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  12. Yesterday, as I was browsing for home decor ideas, I saw the same farmed landscape in another site. I think it has a superb arrangement of colors. It actually inspired me to buy a new carpet for my room. After work, I'll drop by our local store that sells
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