Holley & Gill

I'm totally inspired by these fantastic handmade headboards from Holley & Gill. Unfortunately in reality my bedroom is totally and completely neglected of any style what so ever... mismatched dressers one from the 40's and the other from the 70's adorn a very depressing light mauve wall (i knew I hated it when we were rolling it on but didn't have the energy to change it). We have no headboard, we don't even have a real bed frame...ugh i don't even want to get into it...But this makes me feel like there is hope for my "sleeping cave". From the printing to the upholstery these gorgeous headboards are hand crafted from top to bottom in Montreal Canada and are commissioned to your needs and style. Lovely work guys.... I'll just continue to gaze at these shots and dream it is my room.....


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love them

  2. This headboards are amazing! I wish I had the money to buy one or the skill to make my own. Thanks so much for finding and sharing this, I'll just dream about it :) Beautiful blog, too! I'm adding it to my blogroll!

  3. I don't know why looking at pictures of others silkscreening is so good- I love technique and detail shots, but those especially.



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