Helen Rawlinson :: after my own heart

It's been strange not having an etsy shop open in the past few months. I haven't taken a break, trust me, I've been hard at work behind the scenes on a great new project that I hope to launch soon. Right now I'm waiting for that perfect weather for a photo shoot outside and then we'll be ready to go. What I can tell you for now is a name and a place to bookmark, Peekaboo Collective, Inspired by kids... just like the work of Helen Rawlinson who shows that being a mom doesn't have to just be about wiping faces and changing diapers! I admire Helen because she opens the doors to how kids can inspire us in the design world and really translates that simple childlike aesthetic in her prints and textiles.

lilac3 by Helen Rawlinson.

all three miffy by Helen Rawlinson.

all 8 colourways abc 8 copy by Helen Rawlinson.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how modern her work is! And those colors are so vibrant!



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