LOVEly things

Only a few more weeks until you can unload your heart to the one you love! Here are a few different takes on the Valentine...

capsule letters :: poketo

my mom and dad have this thing where they take a little plastic bug and hide it on each other for a little surprise out of the blue, it's just a little thing they do to show each other they are thinking of them...i guess in a weird, creepy kind of way..lol here is a way less creepy way from Poketo, i love this capsule letter idea, this could be something that could go on and on all year, wouldn't it be lovely to find an "i love you today" note hidden in your sock drawer one morning! makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Love Birds Mixed Tape CD Card :: tea & ceremony

Remember how special you felt when your love gave you his/hers most coveted music on a mixed tape (for me it was a cassette tape!) well why not keep that musical flame burning with a "mixed disk" card from tea and company! i love the un teraditional colors, sometimes pink on pink on red gets a little old every year!

love token hearts :: Nina Glaser
For a more "hopless romantic" take on the valentine here are some little Love Token Hearts by Nina Glaser. They are made from clay and covered with paper mache book page strips. Each one is coated with a thin layer of gloss for a hint of shine and measures 2.75" x 2.75" at its widest points. Each heart comes ready for gift giving with a mini white envelope, tied in ribbon, and placed inside a gift box! now thats romantic!


  1. Nicole, thanks so much for featuring my love token heart! I feel honored to be included with so many other lovely things!

  2. the hearts are just too cute - love them.



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