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Sorry i've been so "non-involved" in my posting this week, the whole family is contaminated with a nasty cold and it's not a pretty sight! well, enough about that, I wanted to share a little inspiration while I have a minute without a runny nose! Love the work of textile designer, karen barbe, out of chile. I adore the way she takes very old styles and reinventing them in her own way. She has a very unique and delicate touch to color and application, very much apprechiated!


  1. great bag.. i love her choice of fabric and colors

  2. Beautiful and fresh! I'm heading over to her site. Thank you for sharing!


  3. karen barbe's work is SO beautiful - I've been admiring it for months! and super affordable (almost too cheap!) it's somehow danish, chilean, and folky american all at the same time ...

  4. Creativo Surface Design is reaching out to textile/surface designers across the globe and we came across your website. We feel that your work would be a great addition to our pool of designs.

    Right now Creativo Surface Design is looking to work with freelance textile designers to design for the different apparel markets we serve. We are working at the moment on putting together the collections for next year trade shows. Just to give you an idea, we have boys, girls, juniors, women’s and men’s collections (swimwear, street wear…etc.)

    If you have something under your portfolio, that it is not older than a year, please send us JPEGs in order for us to see and determine if they are a good fit to what our customers are looking for. We are working on Spring-Summer 2011 right now.

    Just to let you know you, we keep the designer’s names and contact info strictly confidential. So NO worries. In our company we signed a confidentiality agreement so we do not disclose your name and info.

    Let me know if you are interested in this opportunity. Also, if you know of any other designers that you want to recommend please give them a hint, send us their personal e-mail address and we will keep in touch with them.

    All the best!

    Warm Regards,
    Danny Naz
    E: dan@thinkcreativo.com
    W: www.thinkcreativo.com



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