so fresh and so new!!!

happy 2010
(photo by photo by: Pablo Alfieri of playful)

I'm here, I made it! still working out some kinks but I feel so renewed and refreshed after cleaning house on FB. Since motherhood began in late April ('09), I admit that my time online has been more lax, making the time I'm on, more precious then ever. I felt like i owed it to myself to renew the blog and make it more clean and simple, heck the whole reason for Fb is to be inspired by the posts, not to see how much stuff i can pack into my sidebar and repeat over and over again!
I've also upgraded the sponsor area, We love our sponsors and we wanted to give them a bit more room this year without breaking their bank so we've made space for the sponsor banners to be bigger and more apparent up at the TOP of our list. In case your interested our rates are the same, but you'll slowly see our spots get bigger as we update them. email me if interested.
if you scroll down to the bottom we've made a fancy little footer with more info and links, to help unclog the sidebar! we are still making some tweeks and adding/taking away things but we want to keep the new FB as simple and clean as possible.
oh and by the way, we still love your submissions so keep em commin! We hope Freshlyblended  brings you lots of fresh and creative inspiration in the coming year!


  1. Nicole, I absolutely LOVE the new look! Well done! Happy new year, friend!

  2. Looks lovely Nicole! Happy New Year! (I did the same - must be in the air)!



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